Commercial Property for Sale London: What’s Hot and What’s Not

commercialsaleukChoices always confront us on a daily basis. They’re a given and for the most part, it’s great to have alternatives. It gives us variety and a chance to choose what’s best for us. On the other hand, they can be a challenge too. As much as they allow liberty, they also bring about confusion and a sense of overwhelm to some people. Today we’ll talk just about that and discuss what’s hot and what’s not in a commercial property for sale London.


  • Location Convenience – For a commercial property to be deemed convenient there has to be the presence of several factors. But one that’s highly required pertains to transportation and accessibility. Proximity to main roads, transportation hubs as well as the ease to travel by commute or by driving is definitely hot.
  • High Foot Traffic – High and repeated exposure to current customers, prospective clients and even the public in general helps business so assets that enjoy high foot traffic are highly favored.
  • Reasonable Value – Of course it has to come with a good price. We’re not exactly expecting for cheap because that’s not how prime assets are traded. (If it is then that’s sketchy!) Reasonability is the key element and it has to go with the current market value.
  • Nearby Establishments – Depending on the company’s industry or the ultimate purpose of the commercial property for sale London, its nearness to certain establishments aid both its value and its foot traffic.


  • Safety and Security Issues – There’s so much to safeguard from assets to employees to customers. An asset that spells danger (high crime rate or high occurrence of natural disasters) even in the smallest degree is something to be avoided. Better bow out or suffer the consequences later.
  • Cramped Spaces – Offices, retail stores, restaurants and the like need ample room to house their products, machineries, furniture and more. There are customers too. Tight spaces can make it particularly hard to work and we all know clients are not very keen about it either.
  • Lack of Parking Space – It’s a huge bummer both for the employees and more importantly for the customers. This becomes a turn off and can even drive sales away.
  • High Ongoing Costs – A commercial property for sale London will be very burdensome in the long run if it has expensive repairs and maintenance costs.