What Buyers Look for in a Retail Property for Sale

commercial propertyWhenever we purchase, we always aspire to get only the best. We want the best value for our money. We’d even love to score a steal should it be possible. This is true even to companies, landlords and investors who are looking for a retail property for sale. In fact, the efforts are even heightened given the values that are being juggled. Fixed assets pretty much have high price tags. Some may cost less and may even be deemed more affordable than others but this does not diminish the fact that they have significant costs. It’s not mind boggling why buyers will want only the best.

Now, what characteristics make up the best retail properties? Here’s a list from www.singerviellesales.com for you to peruse.

It has good demographics. – Users of retail space will want customers to flock their businesses. One way to ensure that is through promising demographics. Know how people and shoppers move about the area. What are their buying patterns? What establishments do they like to frequent? A property that delivers such needs is prime.

The location is on point. – Close proximity to transportation hubs, roads and highways and even populous establishments are great for any retail asset. This is because such factors create accessibility and when a place is easily reached, people find it convenient to come back again and again.

It allows for a great tenant mix. – There are many types of retail properties but majority tend to be structures that cater to several tenants all at once. A good retail property provides and caters to a great tenant mix. This means that different lessees or buyers will congregate on the property eventually making it a hub of sorts. This is great news as it promotes customer diversity opening up chances to expand market reach. When this happens, your investment becomes better valued.

The useful life is longer. – The more years there is to the asset then the better. Of course, this is not the sole factor to focus on when buying such assets but it is one that should be majorly considered. More years make lesser depreciation rates and that means you get to make use of the asset for a longer period of time or sell it out for profit in the near future.

It has the low ongoing costs. – When seeking a retail property for sale, always check its ongoing costs. The repair and maintenance expenses are a significant disbursement that cannot be foregone. The smaller it is then the bigger savings you get.

Financing Options for a UK Property Investment

Uk-property-investmentWhen it comes to a UK property investment, financing has to be a subject well discussed and cautiously decided upon. It is of no secret that real estate in the country particularly in the bigger cities like London is accompanied by high demands given the strong economy and tourism. In most cases than not, prices tend to be higher too compared to those from other countries. If you are looking at buying one, you should very well be aware of the financing options available in the market. This way, you get a better look and pick at the ones that will work best to your advantage.


Simply put, equity financing is a method of raising equity or capital by selling corporate stock or shares to interested investors who will in exchange receive ownership interests in the company. This is a very common method in the market today and one used by many established entities.


On the flip side of the coin, debt financing does not give the lender a share or interest to the business. Instead, the principal amount owed shall be repaid with accumulated interest. This is often seen in the form of loans. These vary from short, medium to long term arrangements.


Resources that you have saved up or accumulated yourself for whatever means (e.g. income, return on investments, salary, etc) can also be used to acquire a UK property investment. However, this type oftentimes needs a supplement as it may not suffice all on its own.


If you are buying the property not only for yourself but for others too, financing may be done by pooling everyone’s available resources. Of course, the titles and ownership here have to be agreed on and put to paper to avoid collisions in the future.


If you are acquiring the property for your business or company then you may also tap on funds from angel investors. This pertains to wealthy individuals who lend their personal assets to an enterprise in exchange for a share in its ownership.


You may also accomplish the purchase of your UK property investment by entering into a bridge or interim financing. This is often used in the event that your permanent and main source of fund does not arrive earlier than expected so as to close the deed of sale and provide for the down payment and initial installments.

More on property investment at www.singerviellesales.com

Creating Productivity in Corporate Commercial Property Investments

commercial-propery-investmentIt is of no doubt that corporate commercial property investments form a huge chunk of any company’s assets. Not only do they support operations but they too are an integral part in ensuring that the business runs as sleek, efficient and timely as possible. Can you imagine a business with no office whatsoever? Sure, online shops abound but even they need a place to hold operations. It is important to take note however that these spaces need to cater and to feed productivity. How do you do that? Worry not because we’ve got you covered. Read up on the following tips from Singer Vielle to help you get started.

  • Make your interiors appealing. – Remember that your employees and you included together with clients will be coming to the office every single workday. If your place looks too uninspired then it will not foster output. Instead it can breed boredom, lack of ideas, slack and eventually profitability decline. Do not undermine what a good looking office can do. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be interesting. Play up on colors and textures. Choose interesting and functional furniture. Ditch the boring. Play it up!
  • Say no and protest to clutter. – See to it that every member of the organization keeps things tidy and put together. As the saying goes, an organized room means an organized mind. Impose and create rules about clutter. Invest in organizational furniture and supplies. Remember that the more clutter present, the harder it is to move about and to find things.
  • Say yes to ergonomic. – You need to put in design factors in the workplace to help minimize and eliminate employee discomfort and fatigue. Take the placement of your computers, the type of monitors or the type of chairs that you have for example. Do they foster comfort or are they stress inducers? When your staff get eye strains, back pains and cramped legs while working among others, you are putting productivity in dire risk.
  • Keep everything moving. – It is also important that enough space is available to make everyone freely and comfortably move around the office. This creates lesser to no injuries and accidents. Also, design your work space so that your staff is not solely restricted to their cubicles and chairs. That will cause serious health problems plus it diminishes corporate teamwork. Employees need to mingle too.

Remember the above tips for your corporate commercial property investments to ensure full out productivity!

Common Design Blunders for Your Property Investment

property-investment-1Getting a property investment for yourself either for residential or business purposes can be quite an exciting experience. There’s so much to do but then again there too is so much to look forward to. It can be pretty thrilling to decorate your home and at the same time exhilarating to open up shop for your company whatever it may be. However, owners need to remember that all that excitement should be used in a god way. Do not let it ruin things and rain on your parade. Sometimes when we are too hyped up, we tend to commit mistakes and blunders that do harm instead of good regardless of intentions. To avoid that from happening, be forewarned of the following design blunders for your property investment.

Blunder # 1: Buying furniture with the wrong measurements. – You have to measure the place out and have a good idea as to where you will want to place your furniture especially the humungous ones. The same holds true when you head out to shop. You do not want to get items that do not fit right. Yes you may be able to return and exchange them but that would be such a huge hassle and waste of time.

Blunder # 2: Keeping things too safe and bland. – You want a room that inspires you and not the other way around. Do not be afraid to allow your creative juices to take charge. Stir clear from the ordinary. Ditch the boring.

Blunder # 3: Making the place look awfully cramped and busy. – See to it that you provide ample space to move and work around. You don’t want anyone to feel claustrophobic. At the same time do not overdo your decorating and make the place too busy and worked up. Find a good balance.

Blunder # 4: Lack of proper and adequate lighting. – Different rooms depending on purpose will need varying degrees or amounts of light. Provide for these properly because poor visual can decrease productivity and make room for accidents.

Blunder # 5: Absence of apt ventilation. – The place has to be well ventilated to allow air to circulate better, to prevent humidity and to ensure comfort for everyone.

Blunder # 6: Not decorating based on purpose. – What is your property investment for? Regardless of what it is, be sure that you decorate based on the very purpose of your asset. Do not decorate it for what it is not.

A List of Things to Inspect on a Retail Investment for Sale

retail-investment-for-saleWhen in search for a good commercial property for sale, buyers need to practice extreme care and caution. After all, these assets are not cheap plus considering their commercial use they are bound to be utilized to generate sales and profits. As an entrepreneur or investor, what should you be looking at? We’ve got a list of things that you should very well inspect on every retail investment for sale that you check and wish to purchase.

#1: LOCATION – Retail establishments need to be accessible because no vendor and customer would like a place that is hard to get to. At the same time it is best situated in an area that promotes appreciation in its value so in the event that you sell it in the future or put it up for lease, you’ll get a good return on your investment. On that note, do check the nearby and adjacent establishments and structures.

#2: SAFETY – You have to ensure the safety and security of your business, its assets, your people and of course your clients. Check on the crime rate of the city. Ask the neighboring establishments and residents in the area too.

#3: SIZE – This depends on your need and the very purpose of the commercial property to you. One has to know the dimensions and other structural details of the land and building.

#4: LIFE – Whether it’s brand new or not, you have to know the remaining useful life on the asset not just for accounting purposes but to gauge its possible years of service to you. The seller will inform you but for validity purposes, hire a chartered surveyor for this.

#5: FEATURES – Different commercial properties will bear varying features from size, number of stories, structural design, parking space, view and more. You have to establish what you need and want and be sure that you check on them during your visits.

#6: CONDITION – Sometimes the structure may look fine but in reality it isn’t. Something could be wrong or damages may have been left undisclosed intentionally or unintentionally. This is another reason why you might want the services of a chartered surveyor. They can assess the condition of the building and even provide you with en estimate of ongoing costs on the property.

#7: PRICE – Lastly, you will have to check on the price of the retail investment for sale. See to it that it is reasonable and in line with the asset’s current market value. At the same time don’t be afraid to negotiate with the sellers about it.

Why a Property Investment Will Make a Promising ROI

Property-investment-ROIEvery investor would want a return on their ventures may it involve stocks, a business or a property. We all do, don’t we? Among the three, making a property investment is one of the most popular ways of growing one’s money and savings. That’s not a surprise given that they make a promising ROI or return on investment. If you’re not convinced enough about that then allow us to convince you in a little with the following list of reasons as to why such deed will make it all worthwhile.

  • In most cases, land appreciates not depreciates. – If you’ve invested on a property within a good location, the chances of it appreciating in value is huge. This pertains to the land. Structures on the other hand will depreciate over time. The rate and the speed of which will depend on factors like use, location, condition and maintenance among others.
  • The demand for certain properties increases their value. – When more and more tenants or buyers would want to lease or purchase the property from you, the sales price will tend to go up especially if supply of other similar assets is scarce. This is good for you as you can potentially earn more ROI.
  • You can either rent it out or sell it or a combination of the two. – You have the freedom to choose on what you want to do with the asset and how you will earn from it. You may opt to have it leased out or you can sell it for a profit. You can even do both. First, lease it out and then sell it later. Of course, cautious planning and a strategizing will be done here as not all types of real estate assets fit the bill.
  • It becomes a regular source of income. – If you grow your portfolio, you can make this an added income source or your main line of business. With this comes the presence of proper asset management so that you benefit from them and maximize such advantages. At the same time you minimize risks and losses.
  • Oftentimes, there’s less work. – There’s still a ton of work when you make a property investment or several of these but compared to a desk or office job, there’s lesser work to do and more time for yourself. When done right, you can make the property investment work for you and not the other way around.